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GOETHE_LENAU_FAUST: Premiere in Baden-Württemberg

10 February 2010

GOETHE_LENAU_FAUST: Premiere in Baden-Württemberg
The Bruchsal premiere of the co-production of the German State Theatre in Timişoara (GSTT) and the Bruchsal State Theatre (Germany), GOETHE_LENAU_FAUST, The exploration of a myth, took place Thursday, February 4th 2010, on the stage of the Bruchsal State Theatre. The co-production that premiered in Timişoara on October 1st 2009, is one of the most important projects developed from the partnership between the two theatres.

Representatives of the political and cultural life in Baden-Württemberg land attended the festivities occasioned by the Bruchsal premiere. On this occasion, the director of the GSTT, Lucian Vărşăndan, made a trip to Bruchsal.

The premiere is followed by approximately 20 performances in Bruchsal and in Baden-Württemberg land.

This first co-production of the two theatres is based both on Johann Wolfgang Goethe's texts – Faust, Parts I and II – as well as on Nikolaus Lenau's version of Faust. The staging direction was undertaken by the director of the Bruchsal State Theatre, Carsten Ramm.

Actors from both theatres perform in the show: René Laier, Alex Halka, Miriam Gronau, Hannes Höchsmann, Andrea Nistor, Cornelia Heilmann, Iosif Csorba and Ramona Olasz. For the part of Margareta in this show, Andrea Nistor received the Award for best female performance at the 2009 edition of the Colloquium of the National Minorities' Theatres in Gheorghieni. The costumes were designed by Ines Unser, the set was created by Carsten Ramm and Ines Unser, and the music conducted by Hennes Holz.

The project benefits from the support of the Ministry of Science, Research and Art from the Baden-Württemberg Land, Timişoara Municipality, the Baden-Württemberg Land Foundation and The Danube Swabian Cultural Foundation in Baden-Württemberg Land.

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